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Photo glued behind acrylate

The photo glued behind acrylate plastic has museum quality! It's UV resistant and 100% full color. The photo print is pixel free and takes the most out of every picture. The print is glued behind 3mm acrylate and plated with 3mm dibond. With the various invisible suspension system, the acrylate photo panel floats up to 1.5cm from the wall.


Photo on plexiglass

The photo is printed on the back of the plexiglass, which gives the picture extra depth. The plexiglass is color-proof, UV-resistant and water resistant. Also suitable for outside, bathroom or shower.

Foto in plexibond

The photo is printed with the highest quality on 3 mm dibond white. On the dibond panel we glued 2 mm glass-clear plexiglas. The print between the plexiglass and dibond results in a special depth effect. Sunlight resistant and 100% color dish.

Photo on canvas 

We print your photo sharply on the best quality canvas cloth. The canvas is UV-resistant and thus retains its color for years. If you want to hang it outside, choose the 'special' canvas.

Photo on aluminium

Photo aluminium with white topcoat or brushed stainless steel? When done on white top, white in the picture stays white on the print and you get a 100% color design product. In brushed stainless steel, the white in the image is not printed and gets the color of the aluminium substrate. This brushed stainless steel gives the photo a unique aluminium look and feel.


With wallpaper you will quickly create cosiness at your home.

The uniqueness of this product is that the photo is printed on top quality fabrics by a professional wallpaper manufacturer. Fleece wallpaper is easy to apply, strong, tear proof, detachable and does not shrink. Put the glue on the wall and simply apply the photo.

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