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My adventure started in 2016 when I decided to explore the life of a fulltime freelance photographer. The idea of bringing unique photography to people’s walls was already on my mind for years. So now it was the moment to put that idea into an online store. The concept of limited edition photography... So limited that you can be the only one decorating your wall with a picture of your choice ... You can personalize the picture by choosing the carrier, from glass over canvas to wood. You can even decorate the entire wall with a great wallpaper.

Whatever you think of, we can work on it together!

That's what I like about this webshop, despite of being on the world wide web, it's unique and personal.

With all that, I hope to create something you will always look at, smile and think ‘COOL, I’ve got something beautiful and unique…


Now it's YOUR picture on your WALL


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